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This document has been prepared by The Marquess Group for the purpose of providing information to potential purchasers of the subject development opportunity. Information has been provided on a confidential basis and should not be redistributed or reproduced in whole or part without written consent from The Marquess Group. This document does not contain all information that a potential purchaser or interested party would require to make a comprehensive and informative decision. It does not take into account the investment objective, financial situation, requirements, or individual circumstances of potential buyers. It is intended to be used as an overview guide and does not constitute any formal offer, contract or agreement. Interested parties are advised to seek independent financial, taxation, accounting and legal advice in order to assist their assessment of the opportunity, relevant to their own circumstances.


The Marquess Group assumes any recipient of this document is capable of evaluating its opportunities and risks. This document may contain content, information and data prepared by third parties. All or any projections, analysis and estimates are based on assumptions and have been provided in good faith at the time of publishing (August 2016). Recipients should not rely on the information contained in this document as a statement or representation of facts and are advised to undertake their own investigation of the offering.


The Marquess Group, employees, subcontractors, clients and agents shall not be held liable to any person for losses, damages, liabilities or expenses that should arise directly or indirectly from the reliance on contained information.